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"The large ensemble goes through their strenuous singing and dancing paces with consummate skill, with the standouts including Hanes' boisterous Rum Tum Tugger; Ubeda's slinky Mistoffelees; Christine Cornish Smith's sexy Bombalurina; and Darrington's commanding Old Deuteronomy." - The Hollywood Reporter
"There are so many astonishing aspects to Cats that it’s a challenge to decide where to continue the praise. The cast isn’t a bad place...Quentin Earl Darrington, Tyler Hanes, Christine Cornish Smith, Eloise Kropp, Jess LeProtto, Shonica Gooden, Ricky Ubeda, Giuseppe Bausilio, Christopher Gurr—they’re all lithe, funny, somber, brimming with sex appeal, thrillingly feral." - Huffington Post
"Christine Cornish Smith is equally delightful as Laurey, and she displays a particular quality that really suits material like "Many A Day" and "Out of My Dreams." -Broadway World
"Smith shimmers in the dream ballet, a figure so graceful and passionate that she looks as if she really might belong in a dream...But she also delivers a crisp interpretation of the pioneer girl who joins her friends in mocking their men (“Many a New Day”), and sings a beautiful duet with Davis, “People Will Say We’re in Love.” -St. Louis Post Dispatch
"Her singing voice is strikingly beautiful. Smith’s dancing in the Dream Ballet number that ends Act I is yet another classic Muny moment this season. In the past, some productions of “Oklahoma” have substituted a solo ballet performer in this segment, but this version which originated in London in the late 1990s, does not, and I believe it is to the show’s benefit."
-CBS St. Louis
“Reuben (Brian Golub) and his Wife (Christine Cornish Smith) deserve similar praise for their strong vocals when they lead “One More Angel in Heaven.” Smith’s melodic voice floats high into the rafters as the “angel” in this number while Golub works comic ease into the number with his smooth indulgent sound.” - Theatre Bloom
“Look for four show stoppers during the performance. First is a Country Western influenced “One More Angel in Heaven” featuring Brian Golub as Reuben, Christine Cornish Smith as Reuben’s Wife, Diana DeGarmo as the Narrator and the Brothers.” - The Examiner
"Christine Cornish Smith makes a perfect soul-weary Sheila, a dancer who’s seen it all before." -Florida Theater on Stage